Mai 25 2022

New important regulations for handling PUR Hot Melt

Following recent studies regarding the effects of Di-Isocyanates on human health, REACH has published new restrictions on the usage of this particular substance.
This restriction, made official by the European Commission on August 4th 2020, requires a mandatory training for all professional and industrial operators handling products containing more than 0.1% Di-Isocyanate.

In the adhesive industry, this course is required for the operators using polyurethane hot melts. European trade associations FEICA – Association of the European Adhesive & Sealant Industry, ISOPA – European Di-Isocyanate & Polyol Producers Association and ALIPA – European Aliphatic Isocyanates Producer Association, have developed the training material for the program in different levels, depending on the type of processing.

The training is currently available in English and German but will soon be available in other European languages.

The deadline to complete the training is set on 24 August 2023, and each Country can decide how to arrange the course for its operators (online and/or offline classroom).

We are pleased to give you all the additional information you may need, or you can also visit the official website to have further details.

Neue Verordnung für Polyurethanprodukte