Transforming ideas into products and needs into solutions.

Every new challenge comes with new targets, and meeting those targets takes lots of experimenting. The company’s Research & Development division is where we study and test the ideas that eventually become Durante Adesivi products. It is the place where we created sophisticated chemical balances that form the basis of a range of adhesives that have won the trust of the most demanding markets.

In the Durante Adesivi laboratories, a team of highly qualified professionals constantly conduct research, relying on advanced technology, which drives the boundary of innovation a little further forward every day, constructing the future of the company in the here and now, and helping advance progress in the sectors of application of its industrial adhesive range.

Committing heavily to research and development for Durante Adesivi means also investing in resources to deliver immediate responses to precise requests, and that means supplying customized solutions, designed and manufactured for specific requirements.

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