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Management develops and updates Company Policy to represent and propagate its philosophy, based on a context analysis to identify internal and external factors influencing management system, and a further risk and opportunity analysis to guide system planning by identifying monitoring and objectives.

Durante Adesivi decided to commit to responsible and fair operation, safeguarding the interests of staff and respecting the environment in which we operate. The resulting actions implement a Management System conforming to the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standards, and maintain that system over time.

Durante Adesivi furthermore decided to make that commitment visible via appropriate internal and external communication channels and by making company policy available to the public.

The goals and targets for Management , and therefore the entire company, regularly adjusted in line with the continuous development introduced by improvement and evolution of the company, are consolidation and expansion and diversification of our market, so that our operational priorities in development of products and services are defined by pursuing customer satisfaction and loyalty, further developing our own management system, and respecting applicable compulsory standards and the regulations listed below concerning environmental and pollution prevention issues.

Constant improvement from implementing yearly plans highlights optimisation of company performance. The effectiveness of improvements and management activity are ensured by involving all staff members, via ongoing training and raising awareness of company developments and aspects of workplace hygiene and safety.

To achieve those objectives, we cannot overlook internal aspects linked to development of integration of the company’s functions, according to the approach for processes, to avoiding product defects through continuous checking from order acceptance to finished product, to maximising the result for every internal function, and to involving relevant suppliers in product development.

We commit to raising awareness among suppliers and, where possible, favouring suppliers with proven environmentally-responsible behaviour, in order to minimize the environmental impact linked to our operations, even indirectly.

Durante Adesivi is committed to experimenting with new formulations designed to reduce environmental impact. Creating products using raw materials from renewable sources and that can be applied at lower temperatures means that using them reduces greenhouse gas emissions and emissions of dangerous substances, and saves a considerable amount of energy.

Durante Adesivi believes in the value of training and allows students still engaged in studies to gain valuable work experience, offering them the opportunity to attend a training programme in the research and development laboratory.

The Management is also committed to improving the work environment, safety and protection of the environment through regular internal staff training and using new technologies.
Regular reviews of the Management System ensure conformity with Company Policy and management procedures, also guaranteeing continuous progress monitoring of action plans to achieve those objectives.

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