June 26 2023

A PVC profile wrapping machine for windows & a conditioning chamber: these are the investments in our application centre

The equipment we use plays a key role in the development of our adhesives.

That’s why, we have implemented our application centre with a new PVC profile wrapping machine. This allows us to verify the performance of our products for the window profile market by reproducing the bonding procedures that customers adopt with the highest accuracy. 

The highly automated machine performs all stages of the window profile field: primer application takes place directly in-line through a special station, followed by adhesive application used to bond the decorative foils. All this while constantly checking the operational parameters of each individual bonding phase.

Having applied the primer and the adhesive, we then test the performance to our customers’ requirements and relevant certification.

Among the various internal tests, we also control the technical performances of our adhesives under different environmental conditions.

For this purpose, we have provided our laboratory with a new conditioning chamber to test the performance of our adhesives to thermal stress and humidity.

After the bonding phase, the “test” panels are placed in this chamber at temperatures ranging from -45° to +180°C for specific time frames, defined by the relevant standards. In a second step, the performance of the adhesive is then measured through laboratory instrumentation.

Our investments in increasingly advanced technologies are the sincere commitment to guarantee products that perfectly meet the needs of our customers and the market requests.