February 04 2022

Green adhesives today for a sustainable world tomorrow: NATURA is born

Natura is Durante Adesivi’s new bio-based product line created to combine our constant drive for innovations with the strong focus to the preservation of our environment.

The NATURA range is developed from sustainable natural and renewable certified resources. This growing product line demonstrates our commitment to take part in the circular economy model, where we aim to reduce the CO2 emissions making valuable contributions for future generations.

NATURA certified products guarantee high perfomance and quality together with the preservation of our planet, giving us the possibility to share responsable and sustainable adhesives with all our partners.

Our NATURA product range introduced for the first time at Expo Sicam 2021, is already showing a considerable interest from our customers who had the possibility to try our EVA, PO and PUR NATURA hot melts.

We are excited to present and further discuss with you our Natura range.

Discover NATURA.