March 02 2022

Meet Andreas Riehemann

A brief interview with our new Managing Director

Mr. Riehemann, with a history of over 30 years in the chemical industry you have accepted the position of Managing Director of Durante Adesivi S.p.A. (DA). Which was, in your opinion, the most relevant position which prepared you for this position?
«I believe there is no single position which made me feel that I could be the right person for this position in Durante Adesivi. Working for many years in the coatings business with many commercial as well as technical similarities to the adhesive business will help me a lot to get fast familiar within the new environment. Having had responsibility for production and innovation management before supports me also a lot. Finally, my job of Managing Director of a chemical company in Italy made me familiar with the people, language, and culture of this beautiful country.»

How can Durante Adesivi benefit from your professional experience?
«It is impressive to see how Durante Adesivi has grown over the recent years. To continue and excel this growth it is necessary that we develop from an Italian company to an international company with strong Italian roots. To achieve this goal my extensive international experience will help me a lot.»

Your CV reports a considerable commitment in the development of latest generation technologies. Noted that Durante Adesivi is a very advanced company in this perspective, have you planned other projects to let the company make few steps towards the innovation?
«The success of Durante Adesivi is based on a close cooperation and joint development with its customers. In addition to this we will focus on research “outside the box”: research on different products and applications which will bring significant value to our customers.»

Do you see a conflict between further growth and sustainability of the Durante Adesivi business?
«Sustainability is the only way we can accept to grow further. We must review all our products and the way we produce them. It is mandatory that we reduce the CO2 impact to a maximum. This will explicitly include the purchase of sustainable raw materials and energy.»

Do you already have an action plan to further implement Durante Adesivi’s “green” politics?
«We have recently launched our “Natura” product line with great success. We see that the market is highly interested in “green” products. Beside this new range, we will move all our product lines to higher levels of sustainability.»

Last and easy question. Since you’ve already worked in Italy before, do you think in this country prevail talent and creativity or, unlike what is commonly thought, our “Belpaese” is relevant even in terms of strictness and method?
«My wife and myself have returned to Italy as we like this wonderful country and its people. We also like that the people like to be excellent in what they do and how they work, and this is done with a lot of creativity. It is not by chance that the most important global brands in the fashion and the automotive industry have their origin in this country.»

We thank and wish you the best for your future appointments in Durante Adesivi.