August 01 2023
Durante Adesivi - New regulations on the use of adhesives containing di-isocyanates

New regulations on the use of adhesives containing di-isocyanates

From 24 August 2023 specific training will be required

In August 2020, a new restriction regarding the use of products containing di-isocyanates was introduced with the amendment of the European REACH Regulation. According to it, all workers, in both professional & industrial fields must compulsorily attend specific training.

The regulation will become effective on August 24, 2023, and as of that date, those who have not completed the training may be subject to penalties by regulators.

The restriction was introduced to protect operators from exposure to health risks. Skin and respiratory sensitization are the most frequently encountered effects in operators of this type of product.

Concerning our adhesives, our reactive polyurethane hot melts contain di-isocyanate in free monomer in amounts that require mandatory training. For these products, the information is reported on the label and in section 2.2 of the related MSDS.

As a leading manufacturer in this sector, we can offer a valid alternative to our customers. We have indeed developed the low monomer polyurethane hot melt adhesives line, which are formulated to provide the same performance as regular polyurethanes, but with a concentration of free di-isocyanate monomer of less than 0.1 %. In this way, the adhesives are not subject to these regulations and also safer for the users’ health.

The above training is available online at the website of ISOPA (the European trade association for producers of di-isocyanates and polyols) or in the presence of external or internal company personnel. For more information, please refer to the official FEICA brochure.


We also offer our clients the opportunity to attend the online training free of charge by providing a voucher to be entered on the ISOPA website during registration.